About us

I.F.S.E. is a single cooking school that be honoured with the title “Eccellenza Italiana” of the General Secretariat of The Italian Republic. I.F.S.E. is the most innovation school of the Haute Cuisine and Pastry in Italy.

The unique school of cuisine

It is unique among many schools and it is equipped with the latest technologies and equipment of the latest generation. Our teaching laboratories are the best model of constructive essence of elegance and functionality; they are made under advanced technologies and equipped with thoroughly selected furniture and best equipment Made in Italy. There is a workplace for every student with technologies and equipment for personal use at the classrooms of cooking school I.F.S.E, that guarantee effective work process and comfort at the consistently high level. Students study at the school of healthy food according to tradition of true Mediterranean culinary. During the courses they have an opportunity to learn not only secrets of the best international top chefs, but to improve they knowledge in the areas of nutrition and agricultural science under the leadership qualified experts in the field.

I.F.S.E. is not only cooking school, but international centre studying and researching high quality product, its transformation and marketing. I.F.S.E. is a famous centre of culture Italian enogastronomy and winemaking on Italian territory and worldwide. The cooking school I.F.S.E promotes Italian food culture through the organization of courses, participation in conferences, congresses, cooperation with the press and different public and private organizations. Thanks to numerous representative offices worldwide the cooking school I.F.S.E. has broadened its food philosophy, that is slogan of Association: “To eat well — to have a good life”.

I.F.S.E. promotes Italian cuisine and pastry through the courses of Italian and foreign students. At the same time, the objective of the cooking school is preserving the authenticity of Italian hospitality and food culture. The essential aspect is healthy that is being made through according with experts on nutrition and world-renowned trained agronomists.