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We want to give each of you a personal welcome with our teaching consultants, for a dedicated informative interview that can provide answers to your questions, solve any doubts and find the most suitable solution for our future student.

Every student has different needs, we are here to listen to them and provide you with all the support you need for a conscious choice.

Set up an individual informative interview today without obligation: you will have the opportunity to visit our structure and have all the useful information to make a choice that will change your future!

At the end of our courses, you will have the opportunity to enter the working world with solid skills: The courses are in fact studied on the current and updated needs of the job market in the restaurant and pastry sector to train qualified professionals capable of responding to market needs with awareness and professionalism.

It is no coincidence that the employment rate of ifse students is the highest in Italy, exceeding 90%.

The IFSE training offer is complete and varied with training courses able to meet the needs of each.

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