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The Specialization Course is designed for all students of cooking techniques who wish to improve their skills through a unique experience that will help them refine their Italian cooking style, to better grasp the “Mediterranean philosophy” and to learn new techniques to display elegant and modern dishes. With all this in mind, IFSE has developed a training program full of innovative recipes and Food Design training, as well as in-depth study of dishes.

Duration of the course:

4 weeks (128 hours) at the institute + from 5 to 8 months of internship (optional)**

*Minimum score needed 70/100

** During the internship period, room and board are fully covered by the hosting organization

Training schedule as follows:

MON/TUE/THURS: 9,00 – 13,00 and 14,00 – 18,00

WED/FRI: 9.00 – 13,00

Description of the training course.

The course is intended for those who have attended catering schools or basic cooking classes, as well as professionals in the tourism/hotel field, chefs with previous experience, and other related type of professionals and foreign students. Each lesson of the course will give the opportunity to learn the true Italian cuisine through the study of each dish, focusing on the taste, the chromatic feature and the presentation. Those attending the course will be able to create dishes and present them in an innovative way. Moreover, it will be taught how to create an à la carte menu and how to manage the preparation of a dish from the very start until serving. Students will learn innovative cooking methods to better manage kitchen commodities.


The teaching staff is composed by professional chefs, food designers, star-rated chefs, experts in the food sector, nutritionists and technicians in the production of kitchen machinery and equipments.

Subscription fee

The cost of the course is € 2950.00 per person.

The fee includes

Theoretical/practical lessons within the IFSE institute, full student uniform kit (jacket, apron and hat with the IFSE logo), lecture notes, IFSE Certificate, Certificate of Professional Association of Italian Chefs, lunches at the IFSE (no dinners) – Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excluded, transfers during educational visits, airport/hotel transfers (only for groups of at least 8 people from Caselle Airport – additional costs for pick-ups from Milan).

N.B. The fee includes only above-mentioned services.


IFSE has deals with comfortable hotels and housing solutions close to the school, with double or triple rooms with free Wi-Fi connection included. Breakfast is as well included from Monday to Sunday. The cost of the accommodation is € 500.00 (double room price – extra fee to be paid for the single room).


IFSE will provide all the documentation needed for the study visa request to be submitted to the Consulate or the competent Embassy in Italy.


Signature menu with guest chefs, á la Carte service techniques, practical cooking exercise, participation in in-house activities, learning checks during the course, learning activities on how to formulate a recipe, didactic excursions, final exam.

BEYOND TRAINING – Italian beauties

The training period at IFSE can also be a valuable opportunity to discover the best of our beautiful Italy. From Turin, through railway networks, it will be possible to reach the most famous tourist destinations: art cities, sea spots, mountain locations, museums, restaurants and much more for an unforgettable experience that combines good food, education and tourism.


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