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Certificati e riconoscimenti

Certificati e riconoscimenti

Our excellence

We are the only Italian Academy to have obtained the recognition of Italian Excellence at the General Secretariat of the Italian Republic.

Always updated training programs, innovative laboratories equipped with the latest technologies, prestigious headquarters, selected teaching staff and meticulous attention to details contributed to gaining this prestigious recognition. We currently are the only Italian Institute to have obtained it.

Our courses have the ASACERT and ITA0039 recognition: an official certification that ASACERT exclusively granted to IFSE.

The certification “ITA0039 – 100% Italian Taste Certification” defends, promotes, and enhances the true Italian identity abroad, in the sector of the restaurant industry and enogastronomy, made in agreement with Coldiretti and the support of MIPAAF Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies.

The protocol “ITA0039” aims to protect the entire Italian agri-food chain, from production to the culinary processing of the raw material, to promote Italian food excellence and to counter food counterfeiting and Italian Sounding phenomena.


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