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An international network

An international network

Our partners from all around the world

IFSE’s vision and international context have their roots on a solid network:

  • 12 representative offices in different countries which offer updated information to international students through local referents.
  • 14 partner universities in the gastronomic and culinary sector, which bring a continuous flux of international students to IFSE for formative courses dedicated to a high culinary specialization.
  • 1 IFSE headquarters in Seoul, South Korea managed by the Italian Chef Paolo De Maria, appreciated and renowned professional of the sector.

IFSE Korea

The Made in Italy quality worldwide: IFSE’s foreign headquarters

In the center of Seoul, the Chef Paolo De Maria spreads IFSE’s philosophy and its history of high-quality education. Our Korean headquarters enable us to maintain a stable relationship between Italy and South Korea, made of mutual influence, trade of ideas and knowledge. I corsi di cucina italiana iniziano qui, a Seul, e si finalizzano in Italia presso la sede nel Castello di Piobesi Torinese.In Seoul, students have the possibility of taking courses on the bases of the Italian Cuisine and then completing their training in Italy at our Italian headquarters.

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