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Mission & Vision


A unique Academy, focused on the Excellence

I.F.S.E. is an association born with the mission of promoting the culture of high-quality nutrition and raising the culinary standard through training, updating and specialization in the dining and agro-food sector.

I.F.S.E. constantly strives to expand and update its teaching offer to meet the new needs of the sector. With a solid foundation in the Italian culinary tradition, I.F.S.E. looks to the future by training the next generation of professionals, aware and ready to enter the world of work with advanced technical skills and a solid system of values.

I.F.S.E. is also responsible for spreading and safeguarding the heritage of Made in Italy at an international level, through the search for the product of excellence and its promotion and distribution on national and foreign markets, through events, mission and targeted consulting. We dedicate ourselves to teaching the philosophy of Italian cuisine, paying particular attention to the health aspect, through the collaboration with doctors in the field of nutrition and qualified agronomists.

I.F.S.E. is a reference point for education in Italian haute cuisine and pastry. In addition, through the course at the Academy, students acquire the tools and knowledge necessary to recognize and convey the true taste and style of Italian cuisine, using authentic Italian products, thus becoming true Ambassadors of Italian cuisine in the world.