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Professional instructors

Established professionals with a passion for education

The Academy’s faculty is of the highest level: chef instructors with a strong teaching vocation, established professionals, and long-experienced technical specialists.

We are convinced that our chef instructors’ passion for teaching is fundamental for students, as is the contribution from external professionals who share their expertise and know-how on specific topics, expanding the cultural knowledge of our students. Company technicians, specialists, Michelin-starred chefs, agronomists, nutritionists, and many other professionals are involved in the courses, helping students to gain a precise understanding of the entire field.

Chefs and Pastry Chefs

Highly skilled chef instructors

The Academy’s faculty is top-notch. It consists of chefs who are devoted to education and can stimulate and transmit fundamental skills to students. These are joined by chefs from renowned starred and non-starred restaurants, as well as renowned pastry chefs. Moreover, specialized technicians complete the students’ training baggage, expanding their expertise.