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Practice Room

16 individual workstations, entirely equipped, where students can work and create their own recipes in autonomy, under the guidance of our chef instructors.
Every workstation is equipped with a complete set of professional tools, the exact same used by the instructor, and a screen. A camera system placed on top of the chef’s station records all the steps of the recipe, reproducing everything on the student’s individual screen. In this way students can actively learn all the details of the preparation.

Demonstration room

Innovative tools with all the necessary equipment for show-cooking, demo-classes, meetings, conferences, and events with a maxi screen which, thanks to a camera system enables to follow the lesson without losing any details of the proposed preparations.

Pastry and White Art laboratory

Sophisticated equipment for the preparation of any kind of delicacy: laboratory pastry, restaurant desserts, chocolatery, gelato, white art etc. The steel workstations enable students to work in autonomy, following the chefs who give directions from their station in marble and steel with a system of cameras connected to a maxi screen.

The laboratory is structured in the same way as a professional one, with technological ovens, a blasting chiller, dough sheeters, mixers, and other equipment useful for any type of preparation: from chocolates to leavened products.

The main kitchen

Wooded ceilings from the XVII Century juxtapose with last generation’s equipment, creating a unique environment. This ensemble represents the dream kitchen of every chef. The main kitchen becomes, in some phases of the formative training, a didactic room for the students to exercise in preparation of the final “à la carte menu”, which simulates the dynamics of a real restaurant. The main kitchen is also the place where lunch for students and staff is prepared every day.

Tasting Laboratory

A maxi screen, 16 individual stations, each one equipped with a desk and drawers with glasses for tasting, designed and built by IFSE’s experts with a unique design, perfect for tasting wines, chocolate, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and much more.

Interactive Restaurant Hall

An absolute news in the restaurant field: The Restaurant room is equipped with a wireless system that allows guests to have a direct dialogue with the chefs at work in the Main Kitchen. Moreover, a maxi screen offers the possibility to follow all the steps of the dishes’ preparation. The Restaurant room is where students and staff have lunch daily.

Pastry Laboratory

The pastry course is supported by this other laboratory which is equipped with 12 workstations with cooktops to create other types of preparations, always under the guidance of the chef instructor, supported by innovative tools.

Culinary Testing Laboratory

12 totally equipped individual workstations, to work in autonomy with innovative cooking systems.
The lab allows group or individual testing activities to test recipes, products, and equipment specifically for the partner companies, other than for the internal use of the institute.
The laboratory is especially set up to carry out tests for and with partner companies.

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